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Jalan-Jalan with Jerwin in Singapore

Jalan-Jalan with Jerwin in Singapore
Photo by Jerwin Allen Malabanan

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Your Hangout message: 

"I have...(a) personal concern sir, will there be a man who would love me unconditionally? A man who is truly for me ? I find myself unlovable and i think don''t know how to love, I tend to be overly irrational and more on emotions. I would sometimes assume that your posts on love and hope are for me but then I know love isn't here anymore this year.  
"I am planning to change my work and place as what you've advised me because I also think this place is really too small for me and I think things will be better somewhere away from here where I can freely explore life."

My answer:

Hello ________!

Love yourself, and love yourself unconditionally. Everything else will follow.