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Jalan-Jalan with Jerwin in Singapore

Jalan-Jalan with Jerwin in Singapore
Photo by Jerwin Allen Malabanan

Sunday, December 14, 2014

We assembled a shelving system made of black, slotted, angle bars this morning and placed it in Aubrey's bedroom. They're not the shelves she originally wanted, but they are just as beautiful.

I asked Aubrey to choose items from our house decor to place on her shelves. She took the Gandalf in a glass vitrine; the Marta Dominadora (after I told her that in any home with an image of Marta Dominadora no man can ever dominate or abuse women); the Hotel California night light; two antique, Persian wooden horses (her father is a Chinese Horse); two statuettes of rabbits (we are both Chinese Rabbits), and the antique, bronze, spirit boat.