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Jalan-Jalan with Jerwin in Singapore

Jalan-Jalan with Jerwin in Singapore
Photo by Jerwin Allen Malabanan

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Your Hangout message:

"Good Morning sir! I have something  to consult about my friend's favor of wanting you to give your insights about her personality and future. Her name is _____________________. That's the photo of her with her husband and baby. Thank you sir for your time. God bless!"

My answer: 

Hi ______!

In the photo I see a woman who cannot save money and who is too much in love with her husband, to the extent that she melts like butter in his hands. She should not be self-sacrificial and self-effacing.She should be more selfish.

On the faces of the woman and the man, I see a desire to go abroad and earn money there. This, however, is not auspicious for their family. The woman should engage in a home-run business; the man should be employed and should be as hard-working as can be.

I see another baby coming.